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Weekly Horoscope for this week. Weekly Horoscope from Nadia. How this week will be for my zodiacal sign - Virgo Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October,

Unless Lunar Eclipse is visible to the naked eye, it is of no significance to Hindus and Hindus don't consider it for any religious activities. Penumbral Lunar Eclipses are not visible to the naked eye hence no rituals related to Chandra Grahan should be observed. If Lunar Eclipse is visible during Umbral Phase then only it should be considered for religious activities.

Most Hindu Calendars don't list Penumbral Eclipses. If Chandra Grahan is not visible in your city but it is visible some city near to that then you should not observe it. Precautions which are advised during Sutak should be taken only if Chandra Grahan is visible in your city.

Chandra Grahan is considered even if the Moon is not visible due to cloudy weather or some other weather conditions. Janma Lagna Sunsign Shraddha Calculator.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

Stay centered. Keep your cool. Big fire coming on through.

March 7 th : Big changes occur as Uranus re-enters earth-based Taurus on March 7 th and stays there for the next seven years. Earth changes and capricious financial markets are par for the course during the next seven years. Store water, grow your own food and see if you can diversify your income. Financial markets shift dramatically over this period and currency may change or alter. What to do about that IRA? Dave Ramsey, please weigh in. November 11 th : Excitement!

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Drum roll please as little Mercury crosses the face of the Sun on November 11 th. The power of the pen and the Press are restored! The importance of the well-thought out turn of phrase is magnified. News about an authority. Decorum and dignity. Difficulty and disappointment with Government.

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Action and commitment are required. Sort through your possibilities and get real about your circumstances. No pie in the sky! Great day for challenging the outdoors and downloading new ideas. Let your ideas and plans percolate. Possibilities abound. Think positively. This is an important precursor to the next two years.

The Astrology of Year 2020

A new leader emerges. Use this energy personally by being the accountant and manager of your own life. Trim down excesses at this practical New Moon. Be brave.

Initiate some kind of change. Fallout from the eclipse lingers as the Moon connects with Pluto. Fear not!

The PERFECT LUNAR Month according to Ancient Astrology! Solar / Lunar ECLIPSES Feb' 18 with Trifon

Lift up your hearts and rejoice. Let inspiration guide you as the Moon connects with Neptune on the 10th. A poem waits to be written. Time to face those shadows as the Sun meets Pluto. Bold but tender is the way to go. Family time is important. Is it fact or fantasy? Mitchell Scott Lewis has been a professional astrologer in New York City for more than two decades, specializing in financial astrology and medical chart interpretation.

Throughout the 90's he worked on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange and became well-known as an astrological trader and market analyst. In the first half, he discussed what he sees in charts for the markets, world leaders and events, and why is shaping up to be very eventful. Periods where Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction, as they'll be in , have often been associated with wartime actions, he cited.

Currently, he doesn't see the stock market crashing even though both Venus and Jupiter are in retrograde.

2020 Astrology: The Biggest Events of the Year

The likeliest time for a stock market crash will be in going into , he said. February of , he reported, is the beginning of a particularly harsh period in America's astrological chart, as well as the chart of the New York Stock Exchange. On August 21st of , there is a major solar eclipse across the US, and this will have some effects on the country, he continued, adding that Donald Trump is under the influence of Uranus, which is associated with acting in a hurry, or impulsively.

Known as the Jack Kerouac of the paranormal, Paul Kimball , has been experiencing various paranormal phenomena in his travels along the weird highway of life. In the latter half, he suggested that many of our paranormal and strange experiences, such as with ghosts and ETs, could be linked in ways that are not completely fathomed.

The paranormal field, he commented, is like "an octopus with a thousand different arms," but we could be dealing with the same type of entity behind them. As the nephew of Stanton Friedman sometimes called the 'Godfather' of modern ufology , Kimball found himself drawn into the world of UFOs and the paranormal. He polled dozens of researchers to compose a Top 10 UFO case list for a documentary, and making the list was the Shag Harbour incident, which occurred in a fishing village in his home province of Nova Scotia, 50 years ago this year.