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Tuttle Sinclair Well Products jtuttle sinclairwp. Drilling reorganizes. Gross will retain the directorship of the division, which also is part of AAEO. Allen M. Shinn, Jr. The move aims to tie drilling operations more closely to the science with which it is associated, Gross said.

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This first step is an organizational response to the current leaning toward using a commercial drilling vessel as the drilling platform, he said. Before the market for such commercial drill ships opened Eos, February 22, , p. There is a significant amount of financial risk associated with geothermal drilling ; however, there are opportunities to improve upon current practices and technologies used.

The scope of this drilling operational study included 21 geothermal wells and 21 oil and gas wells. The goal was to determine a 'perfect well' using historical data to compare the best oil and gas well to the best geothermal well. As a result of these issues, geothermal drilling averages A new approach is now underway that will optimize drilling programs throughout the drilling industry. However, a work-flow must also be established in order for there to be an efficient drilling program. Potential improvements for current geothermal operations are: the use of electronic records, real. Springs and equalizers shall be arranged to ensure the proper distribution of weight to the Surface drilling technologies for Mars.

Rock drilling and coring conceptual designs for the surface activities associated with a manned Mars mission are proposed.

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Straightforward extensions of equipment and procedures used on Earth are envisioned for the sample coring and shallow high explosive shot holes needed for tunneling and seismic surveying. A novel rocket exhaust jet piercing method is proposed for very rapid drilling of shot holes required for explosive excavation of emergency radiation shelters. Summaries of estimated equipment masses and power requirements are provided, and the indicated rotary coring rigs are scaled from terrestrial equipment and use compressed CO2 from the Martian atmosphere for core bit cooling and cuttings removal.

A mass of kg and power of 3 kW e are estimated for a 10 m depth capability. A m depth capacity core rig requires about kg and 32 km e. The rocket exhaust jet equipment devised for shallow 3m explosive emplacement shot holes requires no surface power beyond an electrical ignition system, and might have a 15 kg mass. Hydraulics calculation in drilling simulator. The modeling of drilling hydraulics in the simulator system is discussed.

This model is based on the previously developed quasi-steady model of an incompressible fluid flow. The model simulates the operation of all parts of the hydraulic drilling system. Based on the principles of creating a common hydraulic model, a set of new elements for well hydraulics was developed. It includes elements that correspond to the in-drillstring and annular space.

There are elements controlling the inflow from the reservoir into the well and simulating the lift of gas along the annulus. New elements of the hydrosystem take into account the changing geometry of the well, loss in the bit, characteristics of the fluids including viscoplasticity. There is an opportunity specify the complications, the main one of which is gas, oil and water inflow. Correct work of models in cases of complications makes it possible to work out various methods for their elimination.

The coefficients of the model are adjusted on the basis of incomplete experimental data provided by operators of drilling platforms. At the end of the article the results of modeling the elimination of gas inflow by a continuous method are presented. The values displayed in the simulator drill pipe pressure, annulus pressure, input and output flow rates are in good agreement with the experimental data.

This exercise took one hour, which is less than the time on a real rig with the same configuration of equipment and well. Cranes, hoists, and rigging.

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A safety training manual. The handling equipment discussed in this manual is the type that lifts, lowers, and locates positions heavy material - cranes and hoists. An equivalent ''pick'' would be a 6-ft-high solid pine board, ft long and ft wide the dimensions of a football field. Sitemap

SNLA has several mobile cranes and more than other types of cranes and hoists located in more than buildings. This manual will be used as a safety training aid and will be issued as a reference document for supervisors, operators, inspectors, and service personnel who use cranes or hoists during their regular duties.

Comparison of heat generation during implant drilling using stainless steel and ceramic drills. The purpose of this study was to compare the heat generated from implant drilling using stainless steel and ceramic drills. A total of 40 fresh bovine femoral cortical bone samples were used in this study.

A constant drill load of 2. Two different implant drill types stainless steel and ceramic were evaluated. Heat was measured with type K thermocouple from 3 different depths. Data were subjected to the independent-sample t test and Pearson correlation analysis. The mean maximum temperatures at the depths of 3 mm, 6 mm, and 9 mm with the stainless steel drill were Within the limitations of the study, although more heat was generated in the superficial part of the drilling cavity with the ceramic drill , heat modifications seemed not to be correlated with the drill type, whether stainless steel or ceramic, in the deep aspect of the cavity.

Further clinical studies are required to determine the effect of drill type on heat generation. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. We present a framework to design inverse rig -functions-functions that map low level representations of a character's pose such as joint positions or surface geometry to the representation used by animators called the animation rig. Animators design scenes using an animation rig , a framework widely adopted in animation production which allows animators to design character poses and geometry via intuitive parameters and interfaces. Yet most state-of-the-art computer animation techniques control characters through raw, low level representations such as joint angles, joint positions, or vertex coordinates.

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This difference often stops the adoption of state-of-the-art techniques in animation production. Our framework solves this issue by learning a mapping between the low level representations of the pose and the animation rig. We use nonlinear regression techniques, learning from example animation sequences designed by the animators. When new motions are provided in the skeleton space, the learned mapping is used to estimate the rig controls that reproduce such a motion. We introduce two nonlinear functions for producing such a mapping: Gaussian process regression and feedforward neural networks.

The appropriate solution depends on the nature of the rig and the amount of data available for training. We show our framework applied to various examples including articulated biped characters, quadruped characters, facial animation rigs , and deformable characters. With our system, animators have the freedom to apply any motion synthesis algorithm to arbitrary rigging and animation pipelines for immediate editing.

This greatly improves the productivity of 3D animation, while retaining the flexibility and creativity of artistic input. Antiviral immunity is initiated upon host recognition of viral products via non-self molecular patterns known as pathogen-associated molecular patterns PAMPs. Such recognition initiates signaling cascades that induce intracellular innate immune defenses and an inflammatory response that facilitates development of the acquired immune response.

The retinoic acid-inducible gene I RIG -I and the RIG -I-like receptor RLR protein family are key cytoplasmic pathogen recognition receptors that are implicated in the recognition of viruses across genera and virus families, including functioning as major sensors of RNA viruses, and promoting recognition of some DNA viruses. These actions induce the expression of antiviral gene products and the production of type I and III interferons that lead to an antiviral state in the infected cell and surrounding tissue.

Recently, RIG -I crosstalk with other pathogen recognition receptors and components of the inflammasome has been described. In this review, we discuss the current knowledge regarding the role of RIG -I in recognition of a variety of virus families and its role in programming the adaptive immune response through cross-talk with parallel arms of the innate immune system, including how RIG -I can be leveraged for antiviral therapy. Shipping lanes or offshore rigs. This two mile wide stretch of water is off limits to vessels and it would open new areas to the oil companies heretofore unaccessible to them.

How Pecten Brazil drilled the Amazon basin. Pecten Brazil overcame numerous obstacles to drill two exploratory wells in the Amazon Basin last year. These included: The threat of low water in normally navigable rivers. Dense jungle growth at both locations. Lack of suitable roads for heavy hauling. Inconvenient distances from supply points. An unusual basalt formation responsible for unique drilling problems. Hundreds of helicopter lifts to move drilling rigs , supplies, and personnel. Pecten contracted with Petrobras, the Brazilian national oil company, to evaluate three blocks in the Amazon jungle, each about 68 miles km on a side, through seismic study and ultimate drilling.

Actual spud date was November 25, 5 days ahead of schedule, in spite of all obstacles. Pecten has a mid-Amazonas block now under seismic investigation for possible exploratory drilling. Logistics problems in this one provide new difficulties, as the area is extremely wet.

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Most work is carried on by boat. The company is also looking offshore Bahia, testing the possible extension of the Renconcavo basin. Another area of interest to Pecten is offshore Rio Grande do Norte. The first series of tests on the SHJAR were designed to prove its capabilities and establish the quality of the jet noise data produced. Towards this goal, a methodology was employed dividing all noise sources into three categories: background noise, jet noise, and rig noise. Background noise was directly measured.